Comfort Matters




Heat Pump/ AC Tune Up

1.   Check And Adjust Thermostat As Needed              

2.   Check Filter; Replace/Wash As Needed

3.   Check Voltages

4.   Check All Wiring And Connections

5.   Check Starting Contactor

6.   Check All Capacitors

7.   Measure All Motor Amperages

8.   Check Operation of Unit Safety Controls

9.   Check Superheat/Hot Gas Temperature

10. Check Refrigerant; Charge As Needed

11. Check Evaporator Condition; Clean As Needed

12. Check For Rubbing Refrigerant Lines

13. Check And Clean Condenser Coil

14. Check Air Temperature Across Evaporator Coil

15. Lubricate Any Moving Parts

16. Check Fan Blades For Cracks

17. Check Condenser Temperature Rise

18. Check Condensate Drain Or Pump

19. Check Fuse Disconnects

20. Check Condition of Ductwork

21. Wax Top Of Unit

Furnace Tune Up

1.   Check And Adjust Thermostat As Needed

2.   Check Filter; Replace/Wash As Needed

3.   Check For Gas Leaks At Furnace

4.   Clean Burners And Controls

5.   Check Safety Controls; Adjust As Needed

6.   Check Flame Sensors

7.   Clean Equipment Interior

8.   Check Fan Control

9.   Check Blower Speed And Operation

10. Check All Wiring And Connections

11. Check Connection Of Flue Pipe and Draft Diverter

12. Check Ignition System

13. Check Heat Exchanger

14. Check Complete Furnace Cycle

15. Lubricate All Moving Parts

16. Check Pressure Switches And Vent Blower/Draft Inducer

17. Check Temperature Of Vent Air

18. Check Air Temperature Across Furnace

19. Check Condition Of Ductwork

20. Measure Carbon Monoxide

21. Clean Equipment Exterior




Heating and Cooling Services:

  • Routine Maintenance through our Comfort Club
  • Installation and repair of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and dual fuel systems
  • Installation and repair of geothermal systems
  • Installation and maintenance of Indoor Air Quality equipment such as humidifiers, UV germicidal lamps, air purifiers, and air cleaners
  • Installation and repair of duct systems, including zoning systems

Plumbing Services:

  • Water heater replacement (including tankless)
  • Leak repairs
  • Water pressure issues
  • Repair and replacement of faucets and toilets
  • Upgrading water lines and drain lines to optimize performance
  • Whole house filtration systems
  • Water hose connections (add-ons and replacements)
  • Slow drains and clogs
  • Sump pumps